Fist Draft Essay

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………….. ENGL 1101 Mr …….. FIRST DRAFT Writing has always been a challenge for me. It is not just sit down and write, but it require some methods, habits and actions that can make your writing successful, whereas few of them can make it unsuccessful. I thus made a video called ‘my first video experience’ where I described my process about engaging an essay. By this paper I am going to analyze the content of my video try to draw a conclusion about how my decisions and actions can impact my writing. I started recording my video at night; it is a habit to do an important assignment during the night time. I like to study at that time because I better get concentrated; everything is quiet. Indeed I need to be in a quiet zone to do my homework. So I was in my room, sitting on my desk, in a very peaceful environment, like I already emphasize it above, a quiet place make me work more perfectly on my writing. I had started listening news on the internet and had stopped it immediately; I did that because important information can easily distract me from my task, so the fact to be very focused on my homework is essential for my writing. So I know that I can’t listen hard music, but soft music would not be a problem to listen while I am writing. On my video, I neither did pre writing nor drafting, in fact I just started fill my paper like I already have all the ideas in mind. While I am writing ideas come out at the same time and I just have to write then down on the paper. One thing that really helps me is Google translation. In fact I use it every time I am writing in English because English is not my first language. I struggled many time by saying ‘heuuu’ trying to find what to say. When I get stuck and can’t continue further, I save my work, close the paper and restart it the next day. Working in different days helps me having more to say, more to write. The essay

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