Fishing Essay

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Fishing Fishing is not only a form of food for consumption, it is a form some a way to relax and for others it is their job. History has shown that fishing has feed people for thousands of years. It has also created jobs and wealth for just as long. In this day and age all we have to do is go to the local store or fish market and choose what we want. That was not how it was before; families would depend on the days catch for food. Fishing can be relaxing because you are out on the lake or ocean away from the city and everyday life. When out on the lake you might think about what is happening in your life but you do not dwell on it. It is all about you, the water, the fish and the thrill of the catch. You might say that you don’t like fishing because you sit all day with a pole and bait in the water. But it is not just about that. It is again about the relaxation and the thrill of the catch. Just being out in the sun and fresh air for a few hours has a huge effect on one’s health. Sunlight is an excellent source of vitamin D and being surrounded by Trees in the woods provided a high oxygen intake. Fishing believe it or not is a good light exercise. If you go out and do a lot of casting and reeling in, it will be a good upper body workout. Fishing is also good for mental health. It takes you away from the stress or work or home life. It also can help your family; it gives father and son a chance to bond, mother and daughter and the family in general. With fishing being slow it gives time for bonding and talking between family members, if you can keep the hand held games and cell phones put away. Fish is high in protein and the body uses large amounts of protein that needs to be replenished, and what better source then fresh caught fish to do this. There are many techniques or methods for catching fish. The different ways to fish include but are not limited

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