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Fishing My Family and I love to fish. You can fish for fun or for sport. For us it’s both fun and a sporting event. We fish in many different places. Every summer we take a fishing trip to a place called Rend lake. There you can rent a small apartment on the lake. You can fish day or night. Fishing is not as easy as people seem to think it is.there are a lot of technical things that go with fishing, like determining what kind of fisherman are you. Me personally im a lake fisherman. It’s always been said that lake fish are a lot cleaner than river fish. Then you have to determin if you want to fresh water fish or salt water fish.I like to fresh water fish. There are many kind’s of fish you can fish for,depending on the weather and the area you are fishing in. There are three kinds of fish I fish for they are Bass fish, Bluegill fish, and Catfish. One thing about Bass and Bluegill fishing is that you can only fish for thoes two kind of fish in the summer months. Catfish you can fish for thoes all year around. So I thought I can share some key points with you on all the kinds of fishing that I do starting with Bass fishing. First you will need to get a fishing license. You can obtain a fishing license at any bait shop.You can use your fishing license in any state that you fish in. The cost of fishing license average around thirteen dollars a year, unless you are disable, or you are a senior citizen. After you obtain a license you can pick out a pole.There are many different type of poles you can use.Some have different spining reels like bait casters, and Fly Reel’s. If you’re beginer fisher then the best thing to use is a regular standared pole. If you are Bass fishing then you can use either pole as long as you have strong test line. The test line is the string that you string

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