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Fishing Fishing is one of my favorite things to do. Fishing takes a lot of skill and patience. I try to fish every other Saturday at my dad’s house. I fish mostly rivers and sometimes lakes and ponds with my dad. In the summer when I go to Nags Head, North Carolina I go surf fishing. Surf fishing is when you fish off the beach. I also like to go with my dad to the Chesapeake Bay to go deep-sea fishing on a boat. Since my dad does not let me use his boat in the river and because it’s too big, I made a boat. My boat is made out of six fifty-gallon water jugs. I have them bolted together with bolts. The boat is easy to move around especially with a four-wheeler. I use an oar to maneuver the boat into places I would like to fish. My dad lives right beside the North River in Mt. Crawford, Virginia. I catch a lot of bass in the river. I like to catch and release. I think that is a lot more fun then taking them home and having to clean them. I usually spend about fours fishing at my dads. My parents helped get me really nice fishing gear. My friends like to come over and spend the night at my dads with me so that they can ride on the track and fish. My friend Kolten and I was once fishing in my boat and hit a rock and busted a hole in my boat. It started to sink so we had to go get the four-wheeler and hook the wench to the boat and pull it out. On average I catch around fifteen fish in a four-hour period at my dads. I like to fish the banks because larger fish like the shade and cover. When fishing for bass you always have to keep in mind that if you can see them they can see you. Bass have very good eyesight and are very smart. They can spot the slightest fishing line piece. The biggest fish I ever caught was when I went deep-sea fishing. My dad told me if I caught a fish the same size as me he would get it mounted for me. So that day when I

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