Fisher King Essay

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A guy visits his friend’s house for a usual poker game. On his friend’s countertop he spots a hundred dollar bill on the counter. The guy looks around the house making sure no one spots him, and slips the hundred dollar bill in his pocket. A week later, he finds out his friend had to sell his house away because he was short hundred dollars on his credit card bill. The guy goes through a whole episode of guilt and shame. He tries to bury his memory in the shadows but re-lives his guilt when he finds out that his friend’s wife divorced him and that he has to live out on the streets. Out of guilt and shame, the man financed an apartment for the man and helped reshape his social life. As a result, the man can finally live his life free of guilt and shame. Similarly, in the film Fisher King, a man name Jack Lucas encounters a similar situation. Jack, out selfishness for fame, ridicules a radio guest. He made the man upset which lead to the murder of Parry’s wife in the restaurant. As a result of the incident, he develops a fear of guilt and remorse for causing the event. He buries the emotions of guilt in the shadow. Since he hasn’t properly dealt with his guilt, he has residual emotions of shame which projects his emotions as low self-esteem. He meets Parry who helps him confront his emotions of guilt and free himself from guilt by giving him opportunities to resolve his guilt. The purpose of the psychological lens is to help one to understand how someone has developed a fear and why someone is portraying certain traits. The Psychological lens involves 5 important steps: fear, shadow, malfunction, golden shadow, and rationalization. The first step is fear. When looking at psychological lens perspective, it is important to identify the fear that is causing the trauma. For instance, one is afraid to trust others because he was abused at a young age. Next, one has to

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