Fish Life in the Sea

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Fish Life in the Sea life in seaAll life on earthneeds water for it's survival. So the oceans play an important an d significant role for life on earth. We have come to know that life started of in the sea.The first and simplest life form originated in the sea. Some four billion years ago two third of the earth's surface has water. Due to depth sea habitat covers about three hundred times the habitable volume of the globe. About 230,000 species live in the sea. Almost everyday news species are discovered and it does not seem to be end process. Sea animals are very strange and they are very different from the land animals.they are very complex and hard to understand. Marine animals have a graet deal of diversity from the microorganisms like Amoeba to the huge whales which reach up to ninety eight feet in length. There are many species economically important to human beings, includinf food fishes. Some common fishes found in the sea are sharks, lion fish, butterfly fish, puffer fish, star fish, quil fish, pearl fish, sword fish, etc. bodies of fishes are well adapted for the life under the water. They breath through their gills. Their fins and tail helps them in swimming in water. Their skin is covered with hard scales for protection. Most fishes reproduce by laying eggs. Marine organisms contributes significantly to the oxygen cycle. Sword fishes sre also a popular sea food and another fast leaping specie, although their speed is not well. Sharks are known as the earliest date from more than 420 million years ago. Sharks breath through five to seven gill slits and several sets of replaceable teeth. They might even loose up to thirty thousand teeth in their lifetime. Starfishes are star shaped animals that have a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. star fish are not worm like. they are commonly called "sea stars". They have spiny covering and a soft underside.

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