Fish Aquarium Essay

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The Beginnings of an Aquarium Hobby Freshwater Aquariums can be very discouraging to the uneducated hobbyist. A lot of the confusing and discouragement comes from people not knowing where to begin. When diving into a freshwater aquarium hobby there are many options and much information to consider. The foremost important idea to consider is what items you will need to sustain your aquarium. Also, when considering a freshwater aquarium as a hobby you need to know that maintenance is incredibly important to the livelihood of your fish. The last step in setting up a freshwater aquarium would be to determine the temperament of the aquarium. Fish are one of the most sensitive creatures that a person can own as a pet. By considering the points discussed you will have a fair chance in the incredible hobby of owning aquariums. Generally to the first time aquarium owner, there is a list of absolutely necessary items to acquire. Without these items you will not be able to sustain life in your aquarium. The first item that is necessary would be the aquarium itself. The next thing you would need to add would be some form of gravel or sand to the bottom. The items you will need now include a filter, a heater and a light housing. Everything involved in aquariums is crucial, but heaters are especially, because fish are very sensitive to temperature changes. My first tank did not have a heater with a high enough wattage and my fish did not survive the lack of heat. The last thing you need to consider is water and how pure the water in your area is. Fish are very sensitive to chlorine and other impurities in tap water. Allowing the tap water to sit out for a few days will rid it of any impurities and you will then be able to fill up your aquarium. The items discussed are very easy to acquire and even afford, but can make the difference in life and death for your fish.

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