Firstname Study Essay

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The first name of a person is more than just a necessity, it is now a part of his personality, many people have certain associations with individual names, formed stereotypes about age, intelligence and attractiveness of the name of the carrier. Everyone hears, for example, the name Elfriede or Günther has now a certain image of a middle-aged person in the head and also even to its character. You are right with these estimates? Can a person's personality measure to his name? What should you consider when naming his child? "A first name is worth a 1000 words-On the social perception of name" is the title of the description below German study from 2006, which received exactly to these questions. Performed and written It was developed by Prof. Dr. Udo Rudolph, Robert Boehm and Michaela Lummer the Institute of Psychology, Technical University of Chemnitz. 1.1 The research question The study examined three issues related to the perception of German names, which were highlighted in three different studies. The first study dealt with the perception of stereotypes from the first name in relation to age, intelligence, attractiveness and religiosity, which associates the interviewed subjects with this first name. The second study dealt with the emergence of timeless name. The third study was used to name the choice of their own children to explain and be explained by the occurrence of changes in the popularity of first names. On the basis of 60 German names (30 male and 30 female first names), which were divided into 3 groups (Modern, Old-fashioned and timeless) where there were 12 male and 12 female "modern" first name, selected from the 20 most popular names of 2004 6 male and 6 female "timeless" First name which between the years 1960 and 2004 in each decade (1960-1969, 1970-1979, etc.) at least twice among the most popular first names and were 12 male and 12
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