First to Fight Essay

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First to Fight Viktor G. Krulak The book first to fight by Lieutenant General Viktor Krulak is split into seven different sections summarizing the development of the Marine Corps into what it is today. He speaks not only of the developments that made the Marine Corps one of the greatest fighting forces in the world but also of his personally experiences. General Krulak also speaks on the conflicts between high ranking officials in the military in a manner that most marines do not see because the conversations are held behind closed doors. This book gives a different outlook on the history of the Marine Corps and what we had to do to get where we are today. In the first section of the book General Krulak speaks on the fighting that had to be done in order to keep the Marine Corps because on multiple occasions presidents have tried to incorporate marines into the other branches of service. This is a crucial part of our history according to General Krulak because we would not have up held our traditions, customs, and courtesies if combined with another service. We would had to settle as good enough instead of setting the example that the other services want to emulate. In part two General Krulak speaks about the continuing fight to prove the Marine Corps is a necessary component of the United States military. He speaks about how it was presented that marines had a knack for amphibious landings, and the long and arduous road to finding the right amphibious vehicle for the job. He speaks of amphibious tanks, tractors, and other vehicles to assist in the assault of beaches. He even shares a personal experience about an admiral who he wanted to try out one of the vehicles, but the admiral was hesitant because he was short on time though he eventually agreed. Then in the middle of the test drive in knee deep water the vehicle’s track was broke by a coral reef. The

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