First Time Going to the Beach

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It was summer vacation and it was hot outside. So we decided to go to Connecticut and go to the beach with my dad's friend Nelson, Luchi, Albieris, and Nileyris. I was excited. Why you ask? Well, because it was my first time going to the beach! When we got to the beach I was too afraid to go in the water. When it was almost time to go I saw a jelly fish. I was so surprised! My dad carried me to the beach and threw me in the water. Since I saw the jelly fish I wanted to discover more. When I saw the jelly fish I went under water to discover more fishes. I remember seeing a clown fish. When we left I dreamt of being with the birds and swimming with the fishes at the bottom of the sea. When we got home it was only 10:00 in the morning! After that I took a bath. I watched some TV and then fell asleep reading my favorite book. When I woke up it was 1:00pm. I was relieved that it was finally 1:00. Once I saw that it was 1:00pm I went to play with my brother. Then I started to make some cereal and, I made a mess! I told my mom "It was Alexandar,"but she didn't believe me. So my best day ever isn't going so well. But at night it was so fun and fantastic that I did not want to go to sleep. My mom had bought me a new board game and I was so excited to use it. But I almost forgot that it was family game night today so I was even more excited than ever! I quickly got the board game and went to my mom's room and turned on the TV I got ready for action. My mom said only one round I won but I had to go to sleep though. And so that's why it was my best day
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