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Everybody has a story about their first time. The anticipation, the nerves, the worry...but then the pure wonder when you finally take off. Of course we're talking about your first flight—the first time you boarded an airplane and discovered the skyways. We're looking to tell those stories in a new series simply called "My First Flight" and we're starting it off with one of our own. Want to share your first flight story? We've love to have it! Send it along to us here. It was an AirTran flight, this I remember because my mom had asked the flight attendant if they had wing pins to give away to kids, since—you see—it was my first flight, after all. The FA replied that they didn't have those things on AirTran. I was probably bummed for all of a few seconds however, since shortly after that, the plane surged forward for take-off and I felt that sweet force that pushes you back into your seat. Plus I had other things to think about, like the fact that I was heading to Walt Disney World on a Florida vacation. This was back in the very early days of AirTran, and they definitely don't fly the route anymore, since it was direct from Northwest Ohio to Orlando, Florida. The trip was a package cruise deal; my family—one that typically spent a week of vacation every June by driving to the Wisconsin Dells or Gatlinburg, TN (good and wholesome, old-timey family vacation spots)—had switched it up this year after I begged for a straight year to be taken on a cruise. The flight route doesn't exist anymore and neither does the cruise line (and the ship!) that made for my second first of that trip, my first cruise. We sailed on the Oceanic, a liner-style ship painted with a bright red hull as she was the flagship of the small Big Red Boat fleet. This was the days before Disney made their own cruise line, so our whole vacation was a lump deal of four days at sea and four days at the

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