First Responder Crisis Services Essay

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FIRST RESPONDER CRISIS SERVICES Any Agency Anywhere, Inc. will provide First response Crisis services to all persons receiving services from said agency. Any Agency Anywhere, Inc. will provide a qualified on-call staff person who will handle each crisis situation according to protocol set up by the agency. Any Agency Anywhere, Inc. provides crisis response services twenty four hours a day/seven days a week/three hundred and sixty five days a year. Normal operating hours for Any Agency Anywhere, Inc. are Monday through Friday 8:00 am until 5:30 pm. The agency telephone number is (910) 642-3700. This number is given to each individual and employee to be used in crisis situations. After hours and holidays the telephone lines are rolled over to a designated trained staff person. Any individual who is experiencing a disturbance of mood, thought, emotions, behavior or social functioning can contact this number and our qualified on-call staff will evaluate his/her crisis situation to determine necessary treatment. There is no inappropriate referral for crisis services. Any Agency Anywhere, Inc. qualified staff will respond to any request for services according to an established system for prioritizing clinical needs. Any Agency Anywhere, Inc. will develop a crisis plan for each active consumer receiving services. All on-call staff members will maintain a certified copy of all active consumers’ crisis management plans in a locked compartment of his/her vehicle when he/she is on call. The staff member will return the crisis management plan notebook to the office to the locked medical records room when he/she is not on call. In order to respond to each individual’s internal and/or external stressors and/or stressful life events that may interfere with or compromise his/her ability to manage his/her life, a qualified on-call staff person will evaluate each crisis

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