First Responder Essay

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1. First responder 2. Emergency medical services 3. Nature of work: The first responder career was developed to address the lag between the time an accident happens and the arrival of an emergency medical technician like the paramedics. Many certified first responders are trained firefighters, lifeguards, athletic trainers, police officers or park rangers. A first responder is usually the first to arrive at the scene of an accident. He or she must be able to assess a patient's condition and be able to aid using basic first aid. The situations a certified first responder might experience range from childbirth to major accidents where individuals may have lost a large amount of blood. First responders are also trained in controlling blood loss and securing broken limbs. Some serious accidents may call for a certified first responder to stabilize an individual who has significant spinal damage. They also have training in patient removal and transportation. 4. Working conditions: EMTs working in two person teams must move safely and quickly through traffic while obeying traffic safety laws. Their response times are carefully tracked while they are expected to reach the emergency scene within a specified number of minutes. Their important work saves many lives, but it also deals with human suffering and tragedy. Sometimes children are the victims. They deal with all kinds of emergencies involving many people from victims of heart attacks to multiple vehicle accidents or natural disasters like earthquakes and floods. Sometimes the injured are trapped in wreckage. Being turned over in this career has a high chance. This is because work hours and the stress brought on by constantly working in a crisis environment. 5. Education requirements: First responder training usually combines lectures with laboratory work. Students need to know an overview of the human
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