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My First Job Waiting for clients to choose their lunch, work at the bakery was my first job. First I had never worked in a bakery before, so I had to learn what the bakery had to serve and learn my position, which was making their food choices. My job at the bakery was to make people lunch and serve them or wrap to take out. I had to make pizza, pastas, serve soup and also make subs; at the bakery. The first week I was very nervous, so I made several mistakes. Once, I made the sandwich with the french bread; the clients told me it was wrong; he wanted the ciabatta bread. I was embarrassed for the mistake I had made; however the person understood that it was my first day and didn’t yell at me. He just asked me to get another one, which he had ordered. Second, the clients were very nice and polite with me. Very often, they would say, thank you or please. They were there to have lunch and go back to their activities. Third, the tips were only for the cashiers, which I didn’t think was reasonable because I was working a lot harder than the cashiers were working, and after done serving I had to get the plates and take them to the kitchen to be washed. And when the store was finally closed, I had to wipe and mop the floors where I was making the food, making sure to close everything, so I could go home. Even though it was a lot of stress and hard work, I used to like working there; it gave me the opportunity to have some experience. Unfortunately, the bakery had to

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