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Holly Sauer Sauer 1 AP Literature and Composition Ms. Danner September 5, 2014 First Impressions "My dear Mr. Bennet," replied his wife, "how can you be so tiresome! You must know that I am thinking of his marrying one of them." This quote is in the beginning of the novel, and it sets the theme for the rest of the novel. Marriage of the Bennet girls is the most important conflict in the book. Elizabeth and her sisters eventually find the man for them after Wickham’s deceit, Darcy’s letter, and Lydia’s elopement. Elizabeth first met Mr. Wickham while she was playing cards and having dinner at her aunt and uncle’s house in Meryton. As conversation ensued at the card table, Elizabeth quickly became infatuated with Mr. Wickham. His tales of misfortunes at the hands of Mr. Darcy caused Elizabeth to despise Darcy even more then she already did. She was easily misled because of Mr. Wickham’s charming persona. One internet source described Wickham as “Unlike Mr. Bingly and Mr. Darcy, however, Wickham has no property and must, like the female characters, rely solely on his person and social skills to impress, in order to find a mate.” This quote describes Wickham’s character because he will do anything for money so he can gamble. He seduced Georgiana, and then ran away with Lydia in order to receiver her dowry. After Elizabeth read Darcy’s letter, she realized the flaw in her first impression, and her feelings changed toward Darcy. In the letter Mr. Darcy is very honest and makes himself appear vulnerable in regards to his feelings for Elizabeth. Darcy explains his dislike toward the other man and says at the end of his letter “This, madam, is a faithful account of every event in which we have been concerned together; and if you do not absolutely reject it as false, you will, I hope, acquit me henceforth of cruelty towards Mr. Wickham.” This is where

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