First Impressions Essay

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First impressions are an intrinsic element of how we engage with people. First appearances allow us to form opinions about how someone will respond or be an aspect of our lives in the future. Physical elements that are aspects of this include clothes, personal hygiene and style that become ingrained in our memory as how we imagine someone. Non-physical elements include conversational cues, erratic behavior or even just social taboos such as answering a phone in the middle of a conversation, especially in a short meeting or with limited contact. First impressions strike consciously and unconsciously and form lasting opinions. As a result, first impressions are extremely important in a business setting as how a leader will guide a team in the future. After the first reading, John is pictured as a career-oriented, optimistic, young and social employee. This is characterized by the beginning of the entry, where he has to leave the office and hurry back. This forms the initial characterization of someone who is goal-oriented and is willing to take the extra mile for his job. The positivity or optimism is set by the tone of the story which shows a sun soaked streets as well as John’s casual jaunt. He also seems extremely social at the same time as shown by the conversations he has with the other people on his journey. This is shown by the conversation with the acquaintance and his meeting with his friend who walked in the store (“First impressions,” 2010). John also seems social and younger due to his meeting with the girl his friend introduced him to the night before. The semantics of the entry- for example, using “girl” instead of “woman” implies that John is younger and possibly single, with the ability to have a night on a work week. At the same time, there are also negative connotations to the first entry. The way John’s journey was characterized shows that he took

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