First Impression.... Misleading Offcourse Essay

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From ‘Adolf’ Keller to ‘Maestro with an uppercase’, the reader of the novel ‘Maestro’ see Keller through Paul’s eyes. Information about Keller is trickled teasingly, bit by bit, to the reader. Throughout Paul’s adolescence, his views of Keller change dramatically, allowing the reader more insight into the truth behind Keller. Paul’s first experiences with Keller lead him to think of Keller as a ‘Nazi’, but with Keller being called the ‘Maestro’, the reader is drawn into wondering who Keller really is. As Paul gets older, he discovers more about Keller though lessons, and it is the only source of information on Keller for the reader. Finally with Paul as an adult, which is when he writes the story, he shows that he ‘came to love this man, to depend on him.’ Keller is a different person inside. The first impressions of Keller are given when Paul meets him. His face ‘an incandescent, boozer’s glow’, his hand ‘a pianist’s hands? Impossible’. But by adding ‘misleading’ to describe his appearance, the reader is given the first clue that Keller is not who he seems to be. Again, after his first few lessons and alikening Keller to Hitler, Paul throws in the fact that he came to love Keller. At this point in the novel, Keller is shrouded in mystery as two versions of him, contrasting, are given by Paul from two different times. Several lessons in, the reader sees (through Paul’s views yet again) that Keller’s teaching methods are quite unique. After the discovery of ‘the genetic line back to Liszt’, the reader is forced to show reverence towards Keller. However strange his techniques are, there are positive connotations towards that feeling of ‘strange’. Paul’s initial distaste of Keller’s ‘somewhat oriental’ advice disappears, as he begins to use them himself, although he still shows impatience when Keller repeats himself. This similarity between Paul and Keller tells

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