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I tended to judge a person mostly by his or her first impression. Even when I choose a book to read, I judge it by its cover and the title. When I met my first roommate at the high school, I again judged her by her first impression. And she taught me that I have been wrong for 17 years. My first roommate was not like a girl I expected. She looked neat. She wore neat pajama. Her desk was clean; only thing on it was a pile of books. I was unsatisfied with her looking, thinking that she might be a bookworm. Trying hard to show her a big smile, I said hello with a voice she can barely hear. She did not react that much. She greeted me shortly and turned back to study. I couldn’t talk to her until when she became a close friend of me. She was a girl totally opposite of her first impression. After few days, she started to talk to me friendly. She laughed a lot and made me laugh a lot, too. She liked to watch TV during self-study time. She was crazy about handsome stars. She often tempted me to watch a movie with her before sleeping. And we ate chickens illegally on weekends. She was also well-mannered. My roommate became good friend of mine and I also became to like her more and more. I realized that I was wrong to judge a person only with her first impression. I naturally kept away from my roommate since I didn’t like her at first. But as she proved that she was different from what I thought of her, I gradually felt sorry for her. So, now, she is one of the best friends of mine and one of the best teachers of mine. She made me change. She taught me that first impression can be misleading. And since then, I never judge a book by its

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