First Impression Essay

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College experience First impression paper My first impression of Iowa Central is that this school is like being at a high school but just a tad bigger. The only difference between this place and high school is that we live at school basically and we have fewer classes during the day. There are a wide variety of people from across the country that go here and that is pretty cool. Another first impression I have is that the teachers actually know you by name. Most other college professors don’t even come close to learning your name and don’t care if you get an a or an f. They actually take time to help you and help you through the rigorous years of college. What I like most so far is the café. The café has some really good food and you can basically get whatever you want because they offer so much for you. You could eat a waffle for breakfast lunch and dinner everyday if you wanted to. Another thing I enjoy is how close everybody is to each other. Everybody is so friendly all the time and don’t care what you did in high school. The thing I like least is that there is nothing to do in this town besides stay on campus. I find myself going to Ames or going home on the weekends because there is nothing to do here in town. One thing I would like to see change is a better Wi-Fi router. An idea to make it even better would be to but a Wi-Fi router in each apartment so that apartment building has there own Wi-Fi to have and doesn’t have to deal with slow Internet all the time. Another thing I would like to see changed is more campus activities during the week or even on weekends to keep students from going home on

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