First Immortal Cells (Hela Cells) Essay

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First Immortal Cells (HeLa Cells) Hypothesis: Will Henrietta’s cells will be the first immortal cells to grow? Aim: To produce malicious cells outside the human body. To discover the cause of cancer To find cure for cancer. To grow the first immortal cells, in other words to divide the line of all inclined from one original sample, cells that would eventually reload themselves and never die. (Skloot 30) To prove that, “carcinoma in situ and invasive carcinoma looked and behaved similarly in the laboratory” (Skloot 30). Materials: Two dime- sized piece of tissue that came from Henrietta’s cervix, and one from her tumor, cubicle, clean white gown, surgical cap, mask, chicken-blood clots, test tubes, pipette, culture medium, rubber stoppers, sterilizing, and incubator. Procedure: Dr. Wharton shaved to dime-sized pieces of tissue from Henrietta’s cervix. One pieces of the tissue came from Henrietta’s tumor and one from her healthy cervical tissue. After Dr. Wharton put the samples in a glass dish, the dishes with the tissue samples were sent to Dr. George Gey lab. (Skloot 33). When Marry, the assistant of Gey’s lab receive the samples she covered herself with a clean white gown, surgical cap and mask. (Skloot 37) Mary walks to her cubicle, and turns on the sterilizing system and observes from the outside as the cubicle occupy with hot steam to kill anything that maybe will harm the cells. (Skloot 37) When the steamed cleared, Marry walked inside and closed the door, then washed the cubicle’s cement floor with H2o and scoured her working area with alcohol. (Skloot 37) After sterilizing the cubicle, Mary struck a Bunsen burner and used its flame to spay test tube and also used a scalpel. Mary picks up the pieces of Henrietta’s cervix and slices the cervix into one- millimeter squares. (Skloot 37) One at a time Mary sucked each square into

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