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My First Flight The first travelling experience I had was to Las Vegas. Although I was eight years old at the time, I remember it like it was yesterday. The morning of the flight, I was up at five’o and we were on the way to the Baton Rouge Metro Airport by six. The taxi dropped us off at the Delta terminal. We hurriedly got out tickets from the kiosk and checked in our bags. We then made our way through security, where we removed all metal objects and anything that could possibly make the buzzer go off, including our shoes. My parents and I made it through without a problem. Once through security, we found our way to the terminal and sat down to wait until we could board our flight. I was anxious, excited, nervous, and could hardly wait to get on the plane as I sat watching the planes come and go from the window. Finally, it was boarding time. They checked our tickets and directed us down the hallway leading to the plane. As we entered the plane the stewardess greeted us, and invited me to take a peek in the cockpit. It was the most magnificent piece of machinery I had ever seen. There were buttons and knobs, gauges and lights. Standing in the middle of the cockpit stood the captain, who smiled, shook my hand, and gave me a Delta Wing pin. At that very instant, I knew that I wanted to be a pilot. We proceeded to our seats, put our seat belts on and got settled is we waited for the remainder of the passengers to board. Once all passengers had boarded, the stewardess began the safety instructions. She began going over safety instructions, explaining where the emergency exits are, demonstrating how to properly secure our seatbelts, that our seats could be used as floatation devices, and how to use the oxygen masks should the need arise. At this time, the plane was being pushed away from the terminal. She then went through the cabin for a final safety check and

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