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As the technology developed rapidly, the demand for energy is also growing. There have a serious energy crisis globally, which is especially short of the traditional fossil fuels, such as coal, petroleum and natural gas. Burning these fossil fuels will also causes serious environmental problems. So people begin to seek for more efficient and environmental-friendly ways to provide energy. Since two decades ago, Kristianstad have begun to reversal to find ways to reduce fossil fuels consumption, and now the results are remarkable. In this article, inspired by the way Kristianstad use, two methods will be talked about, namely the technology and government, in order to explore effective ways to harness alternative sources effectively. Firstly, to harness the alternative sources means that it has to depend on advanced technology. The translation of alternative sources to useful energy needs some machines or facilities, and high-tech will make it possible to collect, divide, transform and even store. The whole process is complex, but high-tech can ensure the least lose and safe. In this way, the new system can replace the traditional one and be economical. For example, “ Kristianstad now spends about $3.2billion each year to heat its municipal buildings rather than the $7 million it would spend if it still relied on oil and electricity”(Rosenthal, 2010). Additionally, waste from daily life can be collected and reused to create renewable energy for cars, buses, trucks as well as heating and electricity. Taking California and Wisconsin as an example, they “have an inadequate supply of fossil fuel to meet their needs but pro duce a great amount of waste from food processing and dairy farms”(ibid). Their reusing of wasting which would otherwise pollute the air and affect water supplies finally turns trashy materials into an energy source. As a result, promoting technology is

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