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There has been a steady increase in the demand for communication in recent years. To solve the situation, Nerriere, the former president of IBM has created a new type of English which is so-called Globish. In the article, " How much english is enough? " , published in 2011, Jane Cuthbert's implies that Globish is an easy language to learn and teach, she also give some personal experience to clarify her point. Meanwhile, Peter Jackson states an opposite opinion in his article, "Globish, it just doesn't make sense", published in October 2010, he indicates that Globish is not an appropriate language to study and suggest some reasonable ideas to back up his argument. This essay will focus on analyzing the accuracy of those articles and select key ideas to respond. According to Cuthbert's article, Globish brings various of advantages for learners. Firstly, she claimes that by simplicity of grammar and vocabulary students can easily approach Globish. In addition, she also mentions that culture is an essential element of Globish, students only have to focus on how to transfer the messages thoughtfully. In contrast, Peter has opposed Globish by bringing out its limitations. He asserts that Globish has a insufficient vocabulary range and poor grammar structures. Furthermore, he declares that Globish will development overtime and it will no longer be a simple language to learn Although Cuthbert's idea about simplicity of Globish is quite logical. However, she only drew attention to the good side of Globish by without mentioning any difficulties of it. Therefore, it could make her arguments seems biased and readers can assume that this article is made to assist her business. Furthermore, if a language only have basic grammar points, it will create misunderstanding between people because people might not know whether the Globish speaker want to talk about an action

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