First Day of School Essay

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It is natural for every student to remember the first day at school. It gave me a terrible feeling of fear and anxiety as I rode in the car with my father. It was my mother who first thought of sending me to school. At that time I was at the age to start school. When my mother expressed how important school was to me and my future I thought that she was a heartless woman. My mind was disturbed at first. Although I had heard about school, I had not visited it or had any idea what it was about. I didn’t want to go to school. I had everything I needed at home. My father took me to school on that first day; it was an unknown place for me. Teachers and students would be strangers to me. I entered the school and felt nervous. It was big building with a large compound wall. As a small child I could not feel very happy at the sight of the building. It looked like a hospital to me. The atmosphere of the school was calm and quite. I was not acquainted with such atmosphere yet in my life. It was an old and reputed school in our locality. My father was a student there in his childhood and youth. The Headmaster was well known to my father and greeted him with a smile. My father introduced me to the Headmaster and requested him to admit me to the school. Then I was enrolled as a student. The Headmaster allowed me to attend the class. I became nervous. My father left me in the class room and went away. I was about to cry. However, the kind behavior of the Headmaster and the class teacher soothed my feelings. The quality of nervousness vanished from me. The class teacher asked my name and where¬abouts. He patted me on my back. I replied some of his questions promptly. He became pleased. He also advised me to purchase the text books. At first, I was not able to understand why there were so many teachers. The bell rang. The class teacher left our class and another teacher

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