First Day Of School Essay

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Deanna Esquilin Rewrite 9AM First Day of School “Wake up it’s time to get ready for school,” Elisha said. Not wanting to move I got up and ambled to the shower. “This is going to be a long day,” I groaned. After getting dressed I rushed downstairs to make myself something to ear. Mornings were the best time to eat; bacon, eggs, cheese, and toast is the best. Elisha said “Are you ready? I would like to beat traffic.” I slowly put on my shoes and said “kinda.” Walking to the car was dreadful because it was freezing outside. When I was younger, I didn’t have to worry about waking up early, but now college starts off really early. As we were driving to school, Elisha mentioned that “your professors will love you, no need to be shy just have a good day.” Arriving to the school, I looked as If I had seen a ghost. I always pictured college to be scary. Strolling into the building I felt somewhat at ease; I started to see familiar faces and that made it easier for me. Although I thought my day was going to be no good, I left with a smile. I shouted to my friend, “ I love this school.” She said, “It’s only the first day.” Classes ended and Elisha was there to pick me up. She asked, “So how did you like it?” I looked at her and responded, “ Heck Yeah!” Then off the house we

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