First Day of Bow Season Essay

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It was the middle of summer in a small town called Harvey, in the city of Marquette, Michigan. The road (driveway) to my families cabin is really long it takes about a half-hour just to get to the cabin. Our camp is a very little, quaint, one bedroom in the middle of the woods. There is a creek the flows around our land, which is about 8 acres. As I pulled up in my car, I stopped and began to get out to go for a walk on the nature trail. As I looked up, I saw the deer. There was something about the way his helpless eyes gazed at me. I slowly started to approach him. It looked as if he had no hope for his life left. His hair was very thin but rough around his neck and legs. There was dried up blood above his left eye it seemed as if he were in a harmful fight with another deer recently. I slowly and calmly continued to walk towards him trying, as much as possible, not to frighten him in any way." It's ok, I won't hurt you. I want to try to help you live and be healthy." I said.As I got closer to him I could see felt covering two bumps on the top of his head. It was his antlers, which were just beginning to grow for his own protection and survival during the bitter cold winter that lay ahead of him. His body was extremely thin and fragile. I could not distinguish if he was very old, young or just sick. I gradually placed my hand out in front of his nose so he could smell me, as you would for a cat or dog. I had this weird feeling inside, a feeling of love and warmth. For some reason he trusted me more than anyone else. I thought maybe there was something that he knew about me. I had never seen or even been this close to any wild animal in the woods or the city like this. I was used to being around some domestic animals, not deer. My mom, my brother, and my boyfriend all tried to approach the deer, but it would back away, as if it was frightened of

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