First Day Back To School Essay

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First day back to school The innocence and purity of children amazes me. I have always loved kids. I interact well with them and they seem to like being around me. Everywhere I go, if there are children it doesn’t take long for them to flock in my direction. Now that I have my own children I can see it more now than ever. I have a two-year-old son, Dominic, and a nine-month-old daughter, Anjolina. They are extremely attached to me, as am I. They are my world. It’s rare that I go out somewhere and you won’t see us together. That is why when I had to start school this semester, leaving my son was probably the most horrible feeling I have felt to date. I enrolled in evening classes this semester so the morning of my first day of school, I started to prep Dominic with the idea that I was leaving him that night and that he would be staying home with grandma. Well, at the very mention of me leaving, he started to cry hysterically. Right there I knew that when the hour came for me to leave, it was not going to be easy. I dropped the subject and we went about our normal daily routine. As the day progressed and morning turned into afternoon, Grandma’s arrival was right around the corner. That would be my cue to head off to school. I began to dress myself and set the kid’s necessities up for the few hours I would be away. Dominic, being the smart child that he is, noticed my actions and quickly made it known that he didn’t want me to leave. “ Mommy, I don’t want you to leave. You stay here with me,” he pleaded in his most heart- wrenching voice. This was going to be just as hard for me as it was going to be for them. Class was to start at six thirty, but because it was the first day and I knew I would need a little extra time for the process of leaving I decided that I should start to leave at five. Well, it was four fifty seven and Grandma had just pulled up as

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