First Day At The Beach Essay

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My First Day at the Beach My mother woke us up from a short nap, very excited and smiling. She shook us then said “get up we are going on a little drive, it's a surprise.” We don't get to go too many places with our mother due to the fact that she is a single mother working two jobs to take care of us. When she told us her news, we jumped out of our beds, grabbed our shoes and took off racing each other to the car. We drove over a bridge that was so high and long it made us close our eyes and hold each other's hand very tightly. You see, my sister and i are both terrified of heights. Once we crossed the bridge our mother told us we can open them now. When we opened our eyes, we could not believe what we saw. Mom, my baby sister and I took a drive up the coast to the beach to have a family day outing. I remember it not being far from where we lived because about thirty minutes into the drive we embarked on a bridge. I will never forget it because I quickly closed my eyes and grabbed my little sister’s hand. My worst fear was heights and it still is to this day. Open your eyes open your eyes” my sister repeated, and there it was. The beach. We could not believe what we had seen. It was better than what we seen on television or read about in books. We were still in the car and could see and hear the sea gulls. Their feathers were so white and fluffy. The water was a beautiful shade of blue and the edges of the waves seem to be kind of a white/clear shade. The air smelt extremely salty. Like when you boil water and add a lot of salt. The ocean looked as if there was no end to it. There were huge grey metal ships in the water, I remember umping and waving at them as if they could see me. There were even little wooden boats that look like they can sit no more than four people. I remember thinking they were fishing. Or they could have

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