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First Date Essay

  • Submitted by: souders2117
  • on October 13, 2008
  • Category: English
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My heart is almost jumping out of my chest. How do I ask her, what do I say.   What does she think of me, does she like me; think I’m funny, does she find me attractive. What if she doesn’t like me, find me funny, or attractive. All these thoughts are racing through my head. My hands are sweating as if I was pouring water on them; my legs feel as they are filled with Jell-O. Ok here it goes as I start to stutter what are you doing Friday night?” She reply’s “I don’t have any plans.” I feel a harm relief come over my body, “would you like to go out to dinner with me?” What felt like an eternity took her a second to say “yes.”
The rest of the week felt as if the days were doubled, I didn’t think Friday would ever come. It’s finally Friday. I look at the clock and the day is flying bye. Its funny how that works, it seems like time was stopped all week and now it is trying to catch up. “O crap” I’m going to be late. I told her I would pick her up at six and I only have an hour. I race to the shower and jump in no time to wait for the hot water. I get out grab my tooth brush in one hand and my razor in the other. I try and do both at the same time but it’s like trying to pat your head and rumble you belly at the same time it just doesn’t work. Ok do I everything as I jump into my car?
I pull into her driveway. I start walking to the front door that’s when I realized I was going to meet her parents. My heart is pounding as I ring the doorbell and wait, I hear the door unlocked my heart is pounding so hard at this point my chest is starting to hurt. The door opens it’s her dad, suddenly my heart stops and I just stand there as her dad say’s “come in” I’m telling myself go just walk in but I can’t move I’m in a trance. He say’s again “come on in boy she just about ready.” I snap out of in my feet start moving but it feels like they are full of led. I go sit down on the couch and wait for her to come down. About five minutes later she comes walking in the living room....

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