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423 words. My First Crush I remember it like it was yesterday. Her name was Kristina, and she was the most beautiful girl in my class, most of the boys from my 2nd and 3rd grade can say that they loved her too, but I was the luckiest one to get her attention, and everyone was jealous about it. It was on St.Valentine’s day. I felt unconscious because I saw that she ignored everyone who tried to tell her that they loved her etc… But I still decided to try. I thought that nothing bad is going to happen if I try. I went to a big store and bought her the most beautiful post card they had. I bought an envelope and came back home. I spend like an hour just to decide what I should write on it besides the words it already has. And then, finally I came up with the most banal words I could ever find. I just wrote her: “Kristina, you are beautiful, I love you, please love me too”. At that time for me it wasn’t’ that funny as it is now. I put the postcard in the envelope, wrote “To Kristina from Misha”, closed it and went to school. When I came to school I saw her reading some postcards she received from other boys, that made me even more unconscious. I thought that if I come to her and give the post card, she would thank me, and continue reading all of them. Finally, I decided to go and give the postcard and see what happens next. I came to her, told her: “Happy Valentine’s day”, and gave her the postcard. I thought she will put it underneath the others and read when she gets to it, but instead she was so happy that she put away the one that she was reading, opened my, read it, and all she said was: “Thank you very much”. I turned around and went to my seat. I wasn’t expecting her to give me something back or to tell me that she loves. But couple hours later she came to me on a break,

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