First Crusades Dbq

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The First Crusade To fully understand what the Crusades are about, we must delve into the background of why they were started. In the seventh century a new religion had come into being, Islam. In 622, the prophet Mohammed began preaching and prophesying in Mecca. He inspired many with his speeches and soon moved to Medina, where he became the ruler of the city. The Muslims were inspired by this spiritual and worldly leader. Although Christ had not been a political leader, Mohammed was. The Muslims believed that both the Christians and the Jews had been worshiping the true God, but they were misguided and did not accept the prophesies of Mohammed. Muslims proliferated during this period. Even though the Muslims were taking over most of…show more content…
The papal legate that the pope had assigned to the Crusade believed in what Raymond was saying, and did not think that the city should be given to Bohemond. Suddenly, Adehemar, the legate, died, leaving Raymond to stand alone in his opposition. Eventually a letter was sent to Pope Urban II, requesting that he himself come lead the troops into Jerusalem, further stalling the action. They received reply urging them to move forward into Jerusalem. The pope left them with little room to argue with his orders, so off they went. After many years of adversity, they were finally setting their sights on the Holy city. They had finally reached Jerusalem, and many more obstacles were set in their way. The leader within the city had heard of their arrival, previously poisoning all the wells outside the walls so that the crusaders would have to get water from the Jordan River. The crusader’s first attack was a failed attempt. Immediately the Shi’ites pushed them back into the country land. Hopelessness once again filled the hearts of the troops, until, what seemed like another miracle of God, a boat arrived with enough supplies to build castles on wheels, catapults, and climbing
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