First Crusade Essay

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There were a number of reasons for the first crusade. A few of them were the importance of religion and Pope Urban's appeal. Consequences included the capture of Antioch and the massacre at Jerusalem. The importance of religion to medieval people was an important cause of the First Crusade. The Roman Catholic Church had so much power and influence over many europeans. The churches itself was often very wealthy. The people of Europe lived in fear as well as love in Gods name. Because of the support God had from the Europeans people would try live there life sinfree so when they pass away they have access to Heaven not a terrifying thought of hell. Sinful behavior was imposable on a day to day life and the ultimate way to grant access to Heaven was to go on a pilgrimage. Penances would adventure on Pilgrimages to holy sites which hold relics. The biggest and most important pilgrimage was a trip to Jerusalem what was known as the “holy land” to most Europeans. Many believed that Jerusalem was the location of Jesus Christ’s death. In the walls of Jerusalem, the Holy Sepulchre church was also believed to be where the exact location of Jesus's death and resurrection. The long dangerous trip to Jerusalem is seen as the most act of support/devotion to god. The Byzantine Emperor, Alexius Comneus’ request for help was a direct cause of the First Crusade. The Byzantine Empire was a descendant of the Roman Empire and adopted the Greek culture and language. Constantinople known as Istanbul in the modern day was the heart of Orthodox Christianity and was seen by many Europeans as a defence against the advancing Muslims form the East. August 26, 1071 The Battle Of Manzikert was fought between the Selijuq Turks and the Byzantine Empire which resulted in the capture of Romanos IV Diogenes, the leader of the Byzantine Empire, also the capture of Anatolia. Alexius did not
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