First Attempt at a Reflective Journal - Career Past and Present

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Introduction During this assignment I will outline my past, my present and my future. I aim to demonstrate how the past has influenced the decisions that have bought me to where I am now – looking at the roles held, what the expectations of others and myself have been, and where and what I have achieved as an individual to date and what I want for myself moving forward. 5 years ago, I had just started my journey as a carer, working via an agency as a live in carer for end of life service users. Prior to this I had enjoyed a varied work life – I started in general office administration and gradually over the years moved into Finance and then Payroll – for which I qualified with an IPD level 4 in Payroll Management, whilst holding a position of Payroll Supervisor with Car Phone Warehouse. Did I enjoy supervising/managing people? At that time – no, I did not! I did not get any formal or on the job training which would enable me to “manage” effectively, and I found myself at times lost as to the mix of characters and the needs of individuals, when all I could think about at the time, was getting the job done and meeting targets and expectations. I have always considered myself to be a kind and considerate and nurturing sort of person – what my role then did, was prove to me that managing people, to get the best out of them, was in its self both challenging and exhausting! Hence now why I embrace and welcome the use of self-assessment and 360 feedback. I did not really embrace leadership and management skills until I had been out into the world and was fortunate enough to be able to spend time both travelling and exploring the world, but also being able to volunteer in a variety of settings, and I was humbled by the environments and the people that I encountered during this time. I concluded for myself during this period of discovery that - A good leader needs

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