First Aid Essay

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there are different types of emergencies that can happen in the work place such as accident and/or sudden illness. the different types of accident and sudden illness and how to deal with them in a emergency are 1) slips and trips- if any of the resident have had a fall you shouldnot get them up on your own alway call for another member of staff to come and assit you. before moving the resident as them if they have any pain and check there body for any broosing of any broken bones. if there if any broken bone call for a ambulance. if the resident has had a bang to the head you must take them to the hospital so they can get checked over. if there is no broosing on the resident and no broken bones with assistence help the resident up into there chair and observe the resident for the rest of the day and let the manager no and also put it in the handover sheet so that the staff oth the next shift no what has happened and they can also observe the resident throought there shift. 2) electric shock- if any of the resident have a electric shock you must not touch the resident. alway do a risk assesment on the area before going to the resident. if the area is unsafe because the electrical equipment is still touching there body use something like a wooden brush to move the electrical equipment so you dont get a electric shock. once there area is safe go to the resident and see if the resident is still breathing also have another member of staff with you so they can ring for an ambulance. 3) food poisoning- all food must be check that it is at the right tempurature and also checked to make sure that it is cooked propperly and recorded

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