Fireweed Essay

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We probably all know the feeling of losing someone special. It hurts in your stomach and you know deep inside that you will carry the scars on your soul with you for a lifetime. You get stuck in the past and you can’t seem to move on with your life. But you just have to appreciate what you have and remind yourself of the good memories of your dear one(s). This short story shows us how it is to live with a grief and to appreciate what you have and that you live in a country without war and fear. The short story is about the main character Baluta whose family tragically got killed back in Liberia. He lives in the USA with his brother and sister-in-law. Everyday he gets flashbacks from his childhood and his family who lived in Liberia. In the USA he works as a carpenter and one day he has to visit a lady, Tiffany, in a rich neighborhood. She is very upset that she can’t have the same color fireweed on all of her walls, and exactly the word fireweed hit Baluta right in the heart and throughout the day he keeps getting flashbacks. The main character Baluta also goes under his more formal name Joel, which he uses when he is at work. His brother gave him the name because the American people aren’t used to different names. He lives in a ghetto with his brother and sister-in-law and they don’t have much money. He has an old car with a lot of holes in its body and the water in their shower turns cold. All this shows us the bad economy of the family. Even though he lives in the USA his language and pronouncement isn’t very good. For example he uses “der” instead of “there”. He is also extremely affected by his loss of his family and everyday there is something that reminds him of them. Although he lost his family a long time ago he still has all these scars on his soul. He is very polite and kind by nature and he gets a guilty conscience when he uses the car for work,

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