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John Whittier 1. Life a. Early years * Born December 17th 1807 * Parents john and Abigail lived on a farm in Massachusetts * He grew up on the farm with his mom dad brother 2 sisters and a constant flow of work hand for the farm. * He received very little formal education, studied his father’s 5 books on Quakerism * He became color blind at a young age. * Sister sent in his poem ‘The Exile’s Departure’ to the free press without his permission and it got published. b. Middle years * Became an outspoken abolitionist * Attended Haverhill academy from 1827 to 1828 * Finished high school education in only two terms * During the 1830s he got into politics but after losing a congressional election in 1832 he had a nervous break down and returned home * In 1833 Whittier published antislavery pamphlet Justice and Expediency c. Late Years * Whittier was one of the founding contributors of the magazine Atlantic Monthly * One of his most famous works, Snow-Bound, was first published in 1866 * Became a huge advocate for antislavery 2. Causes/beliefs/passions * Strong advocate for antislavery * Very passionate about his writings * He participated in the evolution of the Liberty Party into the Free Soil Party * ardent abolitionist * Helped for the republican party 3. Jobs * Shoemaker * Journalist * Teacher * Editor 4. Subject matter of poetry * Focus on regional and historical subjects * Committed political poetry for ceremonial * Religion * Moral themes 5. Popular literary works/literary accomplishments * “snow bound” * “the king’s missive” * “dover” * “The meeting” * “my trust” * “revelation * “the

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