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The Day is Done. Fireside poem. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem The Day is Done is a very good representative of fireside poetry. This poem isn't to hard for people to understand it doesn't use words that a common person could not understand. This allows a wider range of people to be able to read it. The common man that doesn't have a higher education could read this poem with no troubles. This poem can relate to many different people so that is a reason many people would read this poem to there families. “ As a feather is wafted downward from an eagles flight.” is a line that can relate to the patriots of America the take pride in the eagle and the feather falling towards the ground is a symbol that this is a free country that we are proud of. He then talks about how a sadness come upon the village when it is raining and dark and all you can see in the village is the little bit of light coming from the houses and everyone can relate to seeing that and feeling the sadness that comes with the darkness and rain. Henry does a very good job at relating his poems to the feelings of the people. One of the lines in his poem “ Life's endless toil and endeavor, and to-night I long for rest.” I believe this line is the poem relates to the people the most out of any of the others people would read this line and say that is so true everyone works through the day to get to the night where they can relax and revive themselves for the next day. He takes his poems to a level of understanding that many poets can't he makes people see themselves in his poetry that is why many people would read this poem around the fire with their families because the related to the poem. When you relate to something you read it is more enjoyable for you. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow is a great representative of the fireside poems. I've stated why many people like his poetry and would read his

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