Firefighting Essay

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I became interested in firefighting at a very young age, when I joined the local program called fire explores at the local fire stationed. I became fascinated with the way fires work, but also spread in unique ways, and as well as the scientific factors of them and what chemicals are within in them. After joining the Marine Corps in July 11th, 2011 emergency management became a huge focus and point of my life, and I have yet to grasp a full understanding of it and I think being in this program will teach me about how to manage not only time but emergencies in a timely manner. However after giving a lot of thought into it, I feel my ideal position in the fire service would to be to become a fire investigator. Because you can never have too much knowledge about fire, but at the same time I have a very good, but rough understanding of how most fires get started whether it be chemical, or not. But at the same time I feel it would be my ideal position because I am very good at collecting information and evidence to figure out how things work and get started. However I would like to know what all different types of fires there are, and the who, what, where, when, and why of the fire start and gather all that information to solve the mission of a fire investigator. A fire investigator requires a college education because the job is very complexed, but also can be stressful. A fire investigator needs to know about the different fires, whether or not it was chemicals, gas, or other means along with knowing how to right a correct analyze and report on a fire mishap which would be college level education. Now there will always be good opportunities for fire investigators. Fires happen every day, some are accidental set by people and some are due to droughts, and some are just weird mixture of chemicals. Both fire and insurance departments need to know the expertise

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