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Firestorm By: David Klass In the book firestorm, the author, David Klass, did a good job on making the book seem like the book is non-fiction instead of it actually being fiction. (In chapter one), Klass did a good job of making the story start out like a typical story would start out as. At a normal high school football game on a normal night. Also for example, (in chapter three), the author makes the book sound like it is happening on the Hudson River in New York. The author says “New Jersey to my right, Manhattan to my left”. Then as Jack, the main character in the book, drifts toward the Manhattan side, a huge light storm from the skyline of the skyscrapers in New York City. (In chapter three), the author uses the literary term onomatopoeia. The author uses this literary device by saying a tanker passed by me. “It must have been a half-mile long”. Then (in chapter five), Kalss uses the literary term flashback. The author uses this literary device by saying what the marina, where jack parked his boat nearby, used to look like about 5 years ago. He says “wow, when did this place become a yacht marina”. About 5 years ago, that marina was a marina for fishing boats, now it a marina for tour boats. Then Kalss also made it sound like you were actually at that marina on the very night. The little details like the pilings with the lights on, the house boats with the generators running, and the tour boats with the decoration lights on for show. Also in chapter five, the author starts to describe New York City. Klass describes a David Copperfield showing poster, the Empire State Building, and downtown Time Square. (In chapter twelve), Klass does a good job in explaining how jack starts to go through the army. Instead of moving the story to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, the author keeps the story flowing in a deserted part in New York. Klass explains the sergeant

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