Firebird Pride Reflection

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The experience that has given me the biggest sense of ‘Firebird Pride’ is my time in National Honor Society. I truly enjoy giving back to the community and school that has given me so much. Through working with students my own age to senior citizens to citizens of Dayton in homeless shelters, I have realized how blessed I am to have all of the opportunities that have arisen during my high school career. I am a stronger leader, a better community member, and a more patient and understanding person because of the service I have provided throughout my time in NHS. Through the tutoring hours put into this group, I have formed bonds with students I never would have otherwise been around and the relationships with these kids and their parents have made me feel like I have had my own impact on the community. When they come to me,…show more content…
By taking advantage of many of the opportunities that Kettering has created for their students, I have learned an array of things unmatchable by any other community. From working with younger swimmers on how to flip turn to teaching Fairmont Industries kids how to play “Go Fish” to helping a student with their Algebra homework, I feel as if I have touched the lives of many students in different ways, simply because I was offered a chance through the community. The reward of giving back to Kettering will stay with me forever. I am so thankful to have had all of the opportunities given to me through Fairmont High School. I will proudly wear my ‘Firebird Pride’ into college next year, along with all of the redeeming qualities I have learned from all of my experiences. I would not trade my high school experience for any other school because Kettering has presented infinite opportunities for me to grow as a person, an athlete, and a member of the

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