Firearms Evidence Essay

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Firearms Evidence Robert Richards Monday, December 3, 2012 Criminalistics Professor Name : ? Firearms Evidence For many murder or assault suspects, evidence proves to be the difference of a normal life versus a life in jail, or even worse, death. It is the job of a team of criminal justice workers to prove or disprove a suspects innocence or guilt. In many cases, this can prove to be a very difficult task but not impossible. In the case of a firearm related crime, the most crucial pieces of evidence can be the firearm itself along with the damaging ammunition. Through a series of tests known as “Ballistic Testing,” experts are able to determine whether the damaging ammunition was in fact released from the suspected firearm. (Inbau,1999) One of the most simplified methods of identification comes from the type of ammunition. Bullets have various different characteristics that are created with the intention and ability to function properly in specific types of firearm. Some characteristics of a bullet that will vary include the shape of the bullet, the caliber, and the composition, or what the bullet is made from. This information alone is enough to help investigators determine what type of firearm they are likely dealing with. (Forensic,2012) All firearms transfer unique markings to their ammunition as it is released that can be used in testing and as evidence in a court of law. These markings are also referred to as “toolmarks.” If the investigators are able to locate a suspected weapon, they will then be able to compare the markings made on the ammunition with those that are created by the weapon in their custody. This may sound like a very difficult task as it would essentially require disassembling the entire gun and somehow breaking open the barrel to see inside of it. This would be a quite expensive and time consuming venture. There is a

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