Firearms Essay

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Firearms in America In America there are two strong sides that are for and against the owning of firearms. I will refer to the side that is for firearms as the pro-gun side and antigun side for those who oppose firearms. In this paper I will discuss how firearms affect our lives here in America. I will inform you what a firearm is and how they are used. I will discuss whether owning a firearm is ever morally permissible. I hope that by the end of this paper that you will be able make your own decision on this topic and join the side that you think is right. In this paper I would like to analyze how firearm affect our lives and if we should ban them completely or is we should only ban them a few certain types of firearms of if we should let more people have them? I will discuss the diversity thesis and go over ethical universalism. I will use the utilitarianism theory, and many different arguments to explain the details of this case. This case is important to me I think it is one of the more important issues that we face here in America. A firearm is defined as a shotgun, rifle, pistol or any kind of portable gun. Firearms have many different uses. They are used for protection, hunting purposes, police purposes, recreational shooting, and our military uses them to protect our country. There are also different kinds of firearms. Shotguns are mainly used for bird hunting and recreational shooting but are also often used by the police. Pistols are mostly used for protection and are polices officers main weapon. Rifles have a few different uses, there are used for hunting and a lot of recreational shooting. Some rifles are automatic (assault rifles), assault rifles are considered more dangerous and when these massacres happen they are often done with an assault rifles. There are many people in the United States that believe that a owning a gun is morally wrong

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