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Fire Fighter Essay

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  • on April 2, 2012
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Jake Holtzclaw Fire Fighter
1. Hi guys, I am going to cut past all the BS and get straight to the point. You all know that I, as a fireman, possess many, if not all, of the skills that are necessary to keep all of you alive and to start anew in whatever land may lie across that ocean.
a. As part of my BASIC training, I along with all my other colleagues was subjected to rigorous fitness and survival tests that we were required to not only pass, but PERFECT. I hold in my arsenal the ability to recognize major trauma and provide first aid,
b. Lesser things. When pulling my 40 hour shifts at the fire station back when the world was not a post apocalyptic mess, I was forced to learn how to cook for myself, one of the many things we firemen are also required to know for ourselves.
c. Brotherhood is our slogan down at the fire house.   Any fireman across the nation when America was America knew that if he were ever in trouble, he could indefinitely depend on his comrade to lay his life on the line to defend or save another.
i. This is another promise that I can make to you. To uphold this value wit you and to defend us at any and all costs. Who knows what or whom we will run into out there! I promise that you will be safer with me by your side.
d. I have been in charge of my entire brigade my whole life. Leadership skills are imperative when it comes to a fireman and its not just us chiefs that have it. At any time, as a fireman your commanding officer can be taken from you whether it be an injury or death.
i. We train all our firefighters to be adapt at taking control of a life or death situation and stay calm against all odds. Obviously this is one of the most important things that I bring to the table as a Firefighter.
ii. You people need a levelheaded leader that can adapt to any and all situations no matter how stressful and make informed and well thought out decisions that could mean life or death for many people.
2. I would be lying if I told you...

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