Fire And Ice Robert Frost

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Charlie Stack Mrs. Polomeni English II 27 October 2011 “Fire & Ice” The poem “Fire and Ice” written by Robert Frost was first published in the 1920s. Robert Frost is considered the bard of New England. He wrote in great depth that appealed simple to readers, but there was deeper meaning if you looked closely. Although poetry has many different interpretations because it is structured on opinion not fact, the poem “Fire and Ice’’ may seem to come off as the geological hell of the world, but if you look closely it portrays the theme of hatred and desire. The poem has a rhyme scheme of A, B, A, A, B, C, B, C, B. The poem follows a one nine line stanza with a pivot in the fifth line. There is no specific setting in the poem. The speaker’s voice is the poet, and he is giving an opinion on our world. Although Robert Frost appeals to the common man, he gives a deeper meaning in most of his poems. In the poem there are many sound devices such as a rhyme scheme, consonance, and alliteration. In line one, Frost says “world will.” The repeating of the W sound gives alliteration. He also gives another example at the end of line four when he ends it with “favor fire.” In line six, Frost shows consonance by saying, “think I know enough” with the repeating sound of the consonant N. Along with his poetic devices, he also has a rhyme scheme which appeals to the reader and makes it easy to read and connect to the narrator. Frost’s poem centralizes around the metaphors of fire and ice. He is using greed, desire, and lust as a metaphor to fire. The reason he uses fire is because fire, desire, or greed, spreads rapidly and devours everything in its path, until there is no more left to burn. He then goes on to mention an alternate way for the world to end. He uses the word ice to be a metaphor for hatred. “But if I had to perish twice/ I think I know enough of hate/
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