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The History of the Fire Service is a very ancient service, since man has discovered fire there has always be a need to control it. Evidence of controlling fire by early human is about 400,000 years old, In this essay of the history of the fire service, we will discuss how ancient Rome started the first fire service and how this impacted the ancient world. The history of Europe fire service,and how it spread to the united states, and discusses Modern fire fighting The history of organized firefighting began in ancient Rome while under the rule of Augustus. Prior to that, there is evidence of fire-fighting machinery in used in Ancient Egypt, including a water pump invented by Ctesibius of Alexandria in the third century BC which was later improved upon in a design by Hero of Alexandria the first century BC. The first Roman fire brigade of which we have any substantial history was created by Marcus Licinius Crassus. Marcus Licinius Crassus was born into a wealthy Roman family around the year 115 BC, and acquired an enormous fortune through (in the words of Plutarch) "fire and rapine." One of his most lucrative schemes took advantage of the fact that Rome had no fire department. Crassus filled this void by creating his own brigade—500 men strong—which rushed to burning buildings at the first cry of alarm. Upon arriving at the scene, however, the fire fighters did nothing while their employer bargained over the price of their services with the distressed property owner. If Crassus could not negotiate a satisfactory price, his men simply let the structure burn to the ground, after which he offered to purchase it for a fraction of its value.Augustus took the basic idea from Crassus and then built on it to form the Vigiles in AD 6 contradictory to combat fires using bucket brigades and pumps, as well as poles, hooks and even ballistae to tear down buildings in

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