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There once was a dog called Rex, he was a good yard dog and he was used to plenty of space and plenty of freedom and he enjoyed living on a farm. He had lots of friends, Rusty, Molly, Vicky and Sophie and their owner Meibh. One day Meibh had some news for them all in that she decided to move to the city to be with her Dad, everyone was very very upset and could not understand her decision to move. Rex was especially annoyed, so much so that he got sick, Meibh had to call the vet. The vet gave Rex a strong painkiller and Rex got a little bit better. Rex knew that Meibh had made up her mind to move to the city and he knew her Dad would be coming to the yard to pick her up soon, he was trying to think of a plan to keep Meibh in the country but he was too weak, when he heard the engine of a car coming up the lane, he got up as he usually did and went out into the yard to check, who was coming in and all of a sudden THUD… The car had hit Rex, Meibh her Dad, Rusty, Molly, Vicky and Sophie were all there trying to revive Rex, but there was no movement, he was brought to the vets and he was under heavy sedation for three days,and in all that time Meibh was at his side, on the fourth day Rex got a little bit better and every day after he got stronger and stronger until he was allowed home to the country, where Meibh had decided to stay. Rex also had time to think, he was usually very careful, he usually stopped, looked and listened before he went out to the yard, but accidents happen and only for his loyal owner and his friends he could have lost his life, and he was a little bit glad it had all happened to him, and his owner Meibh had come to a decision to stay in the country. The moral of the story is take your time making your mind up and do not rush into making big decisions. By Mary

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