Finny And Gene Character Analysis

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I, Tyler Herholdt, do solemnly swear that the contents of my summer reading assignments are written in my own words and the ideas are based in my careful reading and thoughtful consideration of the summer assignments. Finny and Gene acted a bit opposite of each other’s best interests at times. They would disagree, and they would sometimes appear as if they were exact opposites. Gene showed that he was generally good, and Finny showed that he was generally evil at times (maybe because of the narrators point of view). After gathering these thoughts, Finny and Gene could easily be characterized as solely good and solely evil because there were many instances in which the two were adverse just as good and evil are, Gene fits the description of “good,” and Finny fits the description of “evil” fairly well, and because Finny dies. The pair of Gene and Phineas had many disagreements. They were adverse at times just like good and evil are adverse. They were basically opposites when Phineas excelled in sports and Gene was very intellectual. Gene had none of the athletic blessings that Phineas had, and Phineas was not as academically gifted as Gene. Finny would try to keep Gene from studying by distracting him, for example going to the beach, because he was apparently jealous of his grades, and Gene…show more content…
In the common fairy tail or story, the good hero lives on while the evil one usually perishes. So, it would make sense if the case were that they were good and evil. Also it could be argued that Phineas’ death symbolizes good perishing and evil lasting in the end, if on the off chance Phineas is good and Gene is evil. It could characterize Gene as evil because he was the chief cause of his death. After all, Phineas fell off of the tree because of Gene, and the marrow entered Finny’s bloodstream only because it was made worse when he
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