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FMS01 LECTURES FMS01 LECTURES Financial Management Part 1 This course is an introduction of financial management and provides the students an understanding of the financial management methods used for analyzing the benefits of various sources of finance. At the beginning of this course, the function of finance in different types of organization is identified. The economic and strategic frameworks of financial management are also discussed prior to financial statements analysis; financial forecasting, planning, and budgeting; management of current assets; working capital policy and sources of short-term financing. This first course of financial management synthesizes financial policy into a grand strategy that comes from the integration of organizational purpose and goals. Overview of Financial Management1 ACC08/FMS01 LECTURES  Gems ACC08/FMS01 LECTURES Financial Management Part 1 Overview of Financial Management Topical Objectives At the end of this section, you are expected to : 1. Recall the characteristics of the different types of business organizations; 2. Identify financial objective(s) of organizations; 3. Identify the various decision areas of organization management that requires finance knowledge; 4. Gain familiarity to the functions of the finance department and the Chief Financial Officer in an organization; and 5. Review the fundamental concepts of finance. Types of Business Organizational Structures In the Philippines, the major business structures are: 1. Sole Proprietorship 2. Partnership 3. Corporation (or Company) In the next page, a matrix that shows attributes of each of the three business structures just mentioned is presented. In other countries, they also register companies with the structure of S-Type of Corporation and Limited Liability Companies. They are “hybrid” of partnerships and
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