Finishing In The Top Block Essay

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Being the Best We all feel our performance merits recognition and a top rating. The truth is that everyone is expected to meet expectations but only a few exceed expectations. We should never expect that doing our job to the best of our ability will gain us special recognition. However, we can expect special recognition if you can honestly say “yes” to each of these questions: Do you always put our soldiers and mission accomplishment above your own desires? Are you committed to the professional Army ethic: loyalty to nation, the Army, the unit; selfless service; integrity; personal responsibility; duty? Do you set the example on and off duty in all areas: job knowledge, physical fitness, appearance, and moral/ ethical behavior? Do you know the standards expected of each of us as detailed in our regulations, SOPs and published policies? Do you insure compliance? Do you supervise, evaluate, teach, coach and counsel your subordinates? Are you a good listener to the problems of your subordinates and provide sincere counseling and mature help to their problems? Do you motivate and inspire others by: - living the example they are to emulate - allowing workers do quality work with minimal supervision - developing cohesive teams - making work meaningful - rewarding performance that exeeds standards - immediately correcting performance not meeting standards - punishing workers who intentionally fail to meet standards or follow orders - underwriting mistakes made through aggressive pursuit of an objective Do you treat everyone with dignity and respect? Do you meet suspenses with quality work? Are you an optimist in front of tohers? Do you read about and continually study our profession and the technical aspects of the job? Are you committed to contributiong to the profession through writing for publication?

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