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WORKSHEET – UNIT 5 When answering the tasks here please refer to any experience you have had in the classroom, or experiences you have noted while observing another teacher, as either a student or onlooker. Task 1 –How can a teacher use his/her physical presence and voice in the classroom? The teacher can constantly walk around the classroom, in front of and between the students’ desks. When two students are talking and not paying attention in class, the teacher can respond by moving himself/herself closer to the talking students. Through his/her physical presence, the teacher can discourage unacceptable behavior. For the voice I always use some slogans to ask for silence or liven up the lesson. If I say “stop stop stop” they should say “yes yes yes” and keep quiet. If is say “who is the best? ” they should say “I am the best” to liven up a lesson Task 2 – Is there a best seating arrangement for a class? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the various seating plans? The way the teacher organizes the position of the students depends on space available, types of chairs/tables, age of the students, nationality and student personality. Although I find that pairing weak students with stronger students is difficult in large classes or in schools where I don’t know the students that well, I like to put weak students together with strong students. Pairing weak students with strong students insures that the weak students don’t get left behind. This pairing gives the stronger students a sense of ownership in the English class because they are acting as helpers or teaching assistants during the English lessons. Orderly Rows The advantage of the Orderly Rows seating arrangement is that the teacher has a clear view of all the students and all the students can see the teacher. Lecturing is easy because the teacher can maintain eye contact and

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